April 30, 2013

Wishing Together As April Melts Away

In honor of poetry month, our CIS friends have made a poem together by sending us a sentence or two that began with “I wish…” Some posted their wish on ourfacebook page while shyer ones emailed their lines. We’ve put them all together here into one big “Wishing” poem for all to enjoy. Thanks to all who participated!


We wish that every child is able to have a community of support to help them stay in school, achieve in life, and be able to fulfill his or her promise.

I wish that every child had healthy food to eat, good books to read, access to nature, and a unicorn to play with. Everything is better with magic.

I wish for chocolate, lots and lots of chocolate.

I wish you knew my Kalamazoo. I wish that you knew what Be Mo potato chips tasted like, still warm, when my mom and I would walk over to buy a bag at the factory store. I wish you knew the tiny Co-Op on the mall, crowded and pleasant, and could taste their crunchy sesame candy from the little plastic display case on the wood counter. I wish you knew about Sunshine Submarine’s blue moon ice cream, and the Smiley Face grocery store on Westnedge’s little plastic jugs of koolaid, and the Oak Street Market’s powdery lollipops, and vegetarian whoppers from the Burger King that is gone now. I wish you knew my Kalamazoo.

I wish I was like the moon…ok alone.

I wish that Saturn would toss me one of its rings so I could hoola hoop with a piece of sky.

I wish you knew the feeling that comes from opening an envelope from the Kalamazoo Promise and seeing “100%” eligibility written inside. I wish that every child in Kalamazoo could have the joy of opening a letter from the college of their choice that started with the words, “congratulations.” I wish that childhood passed just a little more slowly because it feels like just a minute from kindergarten until senior year.

I wish for three more wishes. I wish pigs would finally fly. I wish you could see what I see. I wish you the best! I wish for world peace.

I wish everyone could dream big and wake and make it happen. I wish everyone had at least one person to tell them they can be whatever they want to be! I wish every child had a ‘promise’ (support to make their dreams come true).

I wish every day involved poetry. Kids writing, reading, learning, and appreciating the power of words, the rhythm of sound, and the freedom of imagination.

I wish that a new color was discovered that could paint smiles where there were none.

I wish that time would stand still when you need it to the most. I wish the urgency of our task could be explained in one little post.

I wish that childhood (and adulthood) cancer was just a bad dream….

I wish I could strap rainbows onto my feet like skates and glide across the sky.

I wish that the thirst for knowledge never gets old.

I wish I had told you I loved you.

I wish that children/students every where could have a strong support system in their education like ours do here in Kalamazoo.

I wish that everyone knew what it felt like to be loved unconditionally.

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