June 14, 2022
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Crossing into the Future

Nelson Mandela said that “education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Armed now with their high school diplomas, it’s exciting to hear the dreams and hopes that members of the Class of 2022 have for themselves, and to learn about their plans to realize these goals.  

In our last post, some of the Class of 2022 shared reflections about their future. Here’s where a few more of our graduates see themselves in five years:

… I see myself taking a test to get into medical school.


Marshall, 2022 graduate

… I see myself graduating from a nursing program!


Yasmin, 2022 graduate

… I see myself being a homeowner with a career.


Destiny, 2022 graduate

… I see myself attending the University of Michigan.


Ivan, 2022 graduate

Throughout Kalamazoo Public Schools, teachers open the door to students’ futures everyday. You, as volunteers, partners, donors, and staff working with CIS are helping us remove barriers that could easily block the path to graduation. You play a vital role in helping students move forward so they can cross the threshold of that door that dedicated educators have thrown wide open.

In congratulating the Class of 2022, CIS Success Coach Nazlhy Heredia-Waltemyer Congratulations said, “The road ahead will bring its own challenges, but you have shown that with hard work, passion, and determination, you can overcome anything that comes your way. Nothing can stop you now! I can’t wait to see where this new beginning will take you. Remember, if opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door!”

To see more pictures, stories, and congratulatory messages celebrating the Class of 2022, you can check out the whole series by going to the CIS Facebook page, here.

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