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Why give monthly? Here are some of the reasons we’ve heard…

  • Setting up a recurring gift gives me the peace of mind that my support will always be there for a mission that I care deeply about.
  • I don’t need to try to recall when I last gave or how much, it automatically happens on the schedule and level I wish.
  • It makes me feel good to send a message to CIS, and students, that they can count on my support.
  • Knowing my monthly income helps me plan my personal spending. I think the same is true for organizations like CIS. Knowing what to expect helps them plan and sustain support for students.
  • Spreading my gift out over the course of a year not only allows me to make a larger annual gift to CIS, it also makes it more feasible to support other organizations that I care deeply about in the same way.
  • I love that all of my monthly gift stays in Kalamazoo.

If you would like to print off the pledge form and return by mail, please click here!