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A Celebration of 20 Years Supporting Students in Kalamazoo.

Twenty years ago, The City of Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo Public Schools, and the local Chamber of Commerce determined that the Communities In Schools (CIS) model of integrated student services was a powerful vehicle through which the community could work to empower students to stay in school. This collaboration would combine the efforts and supports from two existing local organizations (Kalamazoo Public Education Foundation and Kalamazoo Area Academic Achievement Program) and implement the CIS model – all to better meet the needs of Kalamazoo’s students and families – at school.

The past 20 years are evidence of how a community can come together to meet students’ needs. Our hope is that the next 20 years will be known for how our community came together to unlock children’s potential – particularly our low-income and students of color – and substantially increased their likelihood of thriving and reaching the heights of their inherent potential.

We are being more intentional about investing in services and supports that are capacity-building like mental health supports, in-class tutoring, specialized volunteer training, academic coaching for promising low-income students, to name a few. Yes, providing essential needs items like food, clothing, school supplies are important to keeping kids in school to be prepared for learning, but our team is mindful that what we place in their hands, heads, and hearts is what will propel them through their challenges, out of their circumstances, and into their future of success.

Thank you for supporting CIS and the children and families we serve. We look forward to building on the foundation and legacy that you have helped us establish.

Throughout this school year, we are celebrating our 20th anniversary in a variety of ways. We hope that you will join us.

The work of CIS is equity in action. For 20 years, we have given kids access to resources, support, and opportunities they need to fuel their potential. Twenty years means that CIS has now literally supported a generation of students to reach graduation and to fulfill their promise.
James Devers

CIS Executive Director

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20 Years of Impact

Thank you for your support over the past 20 years! We look forward to supporting students for the next 20 years and beyond.

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