November 20, 2012

Pop Quiz: Northglade Montessori Magnet Students

Welcome back to the POP QUIZ! This is a regular, yet totally unexpected, feature where we ask students, parents, staff, our friends, and partners to answer a few questions about what they are learning, reading, and thinking about.

Today we feature Cortez Glass and T’mon Coleman, two awesome second grade students from Northglade Montessori Magnet School. This Kalamazoo Public School, which became a CIS site in 2011, is a welcoming place. Schools are a busy place but no sooner had I stepped into the office, than the secretary, Ms. Gail took the time to warmly greet me. The Principal, Dale Mogaji, was involved in a discussion with another adult, yet she still made a point to acknowledge me with a wave.

Walk down the halls with CIS Site Coordinator Derek Miller and you might be struck by how the whole school shines. Literally. The floors and classrooms sparkle. The children, whether they are working alone or in small groups are bright stars orbiting the sun of learning. Teachers seamlessly weave in KPS curriculum with the Montessori philosophy of “freedom within limits.” Their hard work is clearly evident as each student is moving and learning at their own pace.

I couldn’t help but think what a perfect match Derek is for this enlightened place. Quiet, deep, and caring he, like Northglade, radiates an almost zen-like quality. I must admit, though, that I felt a little out of place, like an oaf lumbering about the halls of a zen monastery. But I digress. I know you are here to find out what the kids have to say. Without further ado, here they are. Alright, Cortez and T’mon: pencils out, eyes on your own paper. Good luck.


What is something interesting you’ve recently learned?

Cortez: That you need books to learn and you need computers so you can know new and different things.

T’mon: Math. Subtraction and pluses.

What are you currently reading?

Cortez: Any kind of chapter books. Jack and Annie of The Magic Tree House books are my favorite.

T’mon: All kinds of stories but I wrote my own book. It’s called, Going to McDonalds. My dad walks me to McDonalds on the Northside and then we get some food.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Cortez: A doctor.

T’mon: Race car driver.

What is your favorite word right now?

Cortez: I don’t have a favorite word right now. I like all of them.

T’mon: Clock.

Will you share with us something that has been on your mind lately?

Cortez: Going on rollercoasters. I’ve been on roller coasters before, you know.

T’mon: I like going to the Air Zoo and especially on the hot air balloon ride.

Behind every successful student is a caring adult.  Who is one of your caring adults?

Cortez: My teachers. Ms. Brown and Ms. Janai [Travis]. They help me.

T’mon: My mom. She helps me with my homework.

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