Special Funds

Bernard Palchick Vision Fund

Provides financial assistance for vision exams and eyeglasses for students when no other funding is available.


Mental Health Fund

Provides financial assistance for individual professional counseling for students when other funding is not available.


Lang Family Kids’ First Fund

Provides financial assistance to a student for activities or materials/equipment to make it possible for them to participate and succeed in ways that their peers are.  KPS staff in CIS-affiliated schools are eligible to submit a request for a student.


If you are interested in making a gift to any of the following restricted and endowed funds, please contact the Kalamazoo Community Foundation at (269) 381-4416.

CIS/Clara Harbeck Memorial Fund

CIS/Jack Hamilton Memorial Fund

CIS/Kay LaBonte Memorial Fund

CIS/Timothy John Cain Memorial Fund

CIS/Nathaniel McCaslin Education Fund

CIS/Judy Johnson Fund

CIS/KPEF Scholarship Fund

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