Walking With Purpose


What is Walking With Purpose?

Walking With Purpose is a month-long challenge to walk, as a community, a total of 12,000 miles to raise awareness and funds for the mission of CIS: to empower students to success. Each mile has meaning: we walk in honor of the students who are working toward a brighter future. During the month of October, 40 or more teams will log in mileage for a total of approximately 275 miles per team. Teams may choose to walk together, on their own or a combination over the course of the month. Though each team has a suggested goal, we will work together to ensure the goal is met. We all share the same final goal: to empower students to success.

Join as a team captain or team

CIS is seeking 40 team captains to recruit, inform and motivate a team of 5 or more walkers. Tools and resources will be provided not only to make it easy, but also fun!

Walk with purpose (OPEN in October)

If you are interested in Walking With Purpose and helping us reach out 12,000 miles during the month of October, we would love to have you.

Sponsor miles

We all have team goals set. Help us get closer to our fundraising goals by making a donation today!

Thank you to our sponsors and community supporters!

I enjoyed participating in this event last year. It was a fun way to get my exercise in and fundraise for a great organization.
Felicia Lemons

CIS, Development & Marketing Project Manager

Walking With Purpose Open Walk

On Friday, October 8th, we will host one evening for all our walkers and guest walkers to join together and Walk With Purpose. We will be meeting at the Kleinstuck Nature Preserve anytime between 4pm and 6pm. Each participating walker will be tracking their miles to help us get closer to our 12,000 mile goal!

Let's get to our 12,000 goal!