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Sweating the Small Stuff

October 22, 2019
Category: General Info

CIS Site Coordinators sweat the big and small stuff to make sure kids are connected to the resources and people they need to stay in school and succeed. Last week,...

Making Sure Kids Finish Strong

October 12, 2016
Category: Newsletters

This article was featured in the latest issue of our newsletter, CIS Connections. Read the full issue here.  CIS Senior Site Coordinator Montrell Baker and CIS Success Coach O’Neal Ollie sat...

Dearest Ms. Dodge

January 12, 2016

What better way to start the New Year than to reflect on that special person, that, even after all these years, you still carry within your heart? If you follow...

Pop Quiz: Dominique Edwards

February 3, 2015

Welcome back to the POP QUIZ! This is a regular, yet totally unexpected, feature where we ask students, parents, staff, our friends, and partners to answer a few questions about...

Count Thanks, Not Sheep

December 3, 2013

When you find yourself having trouble falling asleep: count thanks. I tried it the other night and it worked. I drifted off somewhere around 124. It probably wasn’t a coincidence...