May 7, 2013
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Pop Quiz: Lincoln International Studies Student

Bonnie and StudentWelcome back to the POP QUIZ! This is a regular, yet totally unexpected, feature where we ask students, parents, staff, our friends, and partners to answer a few questions about what they are learning, reading, and thinking about. Today we feature nine-year old Trinity Thomas. She is a third grader at Lincoln International Studies.

Alright, Trinity: pencils out, eyes on your own paper. Good luck.


What is something interesting you’ve recently learned?

Actually, I’ve learned something very interesting. It’s called algebra. But it’s really pre-algebra. And it’s really easy. [What’s easy about  it?] You can take away stuff and put numbers in and use pawns and cubes that have numbers on them. It’s easy because my teacher helps me with it. Oh, and we’re finding patterns and working on multiplication, and addition and subtraction.

What are you currently reading?

I’m onto the Babymouse books [by Jennifer Holm and Matthew Holm]. I’m readingBabymouse Puppy Love right now and I’ll read it all the way to the end. MostBabymouse books have 91 pages! The first time I started reading these Babymousebooks I was in love.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A fashion designer—because I like designing dresses. [Do you sew?] No. I design them on paper. I make dresses that are strapless so they are really good for summer. And they have hearts.

Student readingWhat is your favorite word right now?

That would be design. Because it gets me in the ready-to-design-stuff mood. At home, whenever my mom says, “Make stuff and design your dresses!” I get out the pencil and paper she gave me and start designing them. [Did you know that some of our older students are designing clothes and are working towards a realfashion show with Western Michigan University students?] I didn’t know that but that’s something I’ll want to do when I’m older, too. Definitely!

Will you share with us something that has been on your mind lately?

That would be singing the song “Do Re Me” because I like the song. And singing Michael Jackson’s “Rockin’ in the Tree Top.” [In a lovely singing voice, Trinity breaks into song, singing her rendition of “Rockin’ Robin.”] I think about that song a lot. It’s catchy, you know?

Behind every successful student is a caring adult.  Who is your caring adult?

My mom. She’s nice. She turns my frown upside down. My mom helps remind me about important things and helps me with my homework. And the best thing about her? She makes me feel better when I’m sick because she always knows the best thing to do.

Trinity went on to identify other caring adults in her life, including: CIS Site Coordinator, Mrs. [Bonnie] Terrentine, CIS Site Coordinator, Mrs. [Justina] Franklin, Youth Development Worker, and her third grade teacher, Ms. [Sara] Hannah.

Trinity, thanks for taking time out to talk with us!

You are welcome!

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