December 10, 2012

Got CIS?

As a parent of a Kalamazoo Public School student, James Spencer has love, luck, and courage on his side. He also has Communities In Schools of Kalamazoo (CIS).

“I have a high opinion of CIS,” says Mr. Spencer. “It’s outstanding and I’m glad to see that this support is continuing yet another year for my son. Due to the positive attention Kal-El has gotten—particularly within the afterschool program—he’s seeing that what I’m saying has validity.” Since Kal-El’s involvement with CIS at Linden Grove Middle School, Mr. Spencer has noticed that homework time has vastly improved. “Before, it was a struggle to even get him to bring it home. Now it’s is much easier. It’s no longer uncool to do homework.”

“What you say as a parent doesn’t always resonate,” points out Mr. Spencer. “Kids need that little extra push. I appreciate that what my son is hearing at home—the importance of grades and good study habits—is being reinforced at school by teachers and CIS. Sometimes it just helps that kids are hearing the same things repeated and that it’s not coming from your face!”

Mr. Spencer’s son, Kal-El, is featured in our annual report that recently came out. Kal-El talks about how he is motivated to do his best by his parents, CIS Site Coordinator Donyll Lewis and Youth Development Coach and Western Michigan University student Ples Wyatt, III.

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