March 19, 2013
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We Are An Open Book

To celebrate National Reading Month, today’s post is a series of portions of emails that have flown between CIS staff over the course of March. It’s been fun to see what my colleagues are reading and I think you will enjoy following this email trail as well. Think of this post as a poupourri of guest bloggers! We’ll begin with Artrella’s email that started it all…

In celebration of Reading Month (March), I would like to know what everyone is currently reading (that is not work related).  If you are not currently reading something for fun, but could if you had time, what would you read?

I will start…

I formed a book club last month, The Lovely Ladies of Literature, and we are finishing up our first read, The Crossing by Serita Jakes.

Artrella Cohn, Director of Secondary Sites


I am reading the third book in the Mysterious Benedict Society series. I love a good kids’ book :) especially those that emphasize the unique gifts of kids and kid power! This series follows four kids who are all either orphans or runaways with special intelligences. I don’t want to give too much away, but the kids have to go undercover several times to save the world!

Abigail Nappier, Site Coordinator, Milwood Elementary School


I’m currently reading a novel called Eight Girls Taking Pictures by Whitney Otto. Set in the early 1900’s each character is based on a real life photographer. I’m halfway through From Beirut to Jerusalem by Thomas Friedman. He’s a famous journalist and the book reflects his time spent in Lebanon and Palestine/Israel during the late 70’s/80’s. I also just finished American Salvage by Bonnie Jo Campbell (local famous writer). Her collection of short stories is set in Comstock. It’s gritty and honest and the characters will stay with you long after you finish reading it.

Kaitlin Martin, Volunteer Coordinator


Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell. The author profiles successful people in arts, science, business, etc. and shows how success in life is dependent as much on your life circumstances and personal relationships as it is natural ability and hard work.

Emily Demorest, Site Coordinator, Maple Street Magnet School


I am reading The Unquiet Man, a collection of essays by and about Richard Holbrooke, the U.S. State Department’s Special Envoy toAfghanistan when he died very suddenly in 2010. I love biographies so I’m always looking for recommendations.

Pam Kingery, Executive Director


The stunningly beautiful book, Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. If you like dark, fantastical stories that tap into all of your senses (I swear you will smell caramel if you read this book) this is the book for you. I was so sad when it was over that, to help me get over this breakup, I had to immediately pick up with another book…Freshwater Boys, a coming of age short story collection by WMU graduate, Adam Schuitema. One moment your heart will heave and the next moment you’ll find yourself laughing out loud. Maybe this book won’t end…

Jennifer Clark, Director of Community Relations


I am finishing up the book Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelsen. This is the book being read by all Milwood Magnet students in preparation for our Literacy Night this Thursday. I must say I have been impressed with the book and recommend it despite being a young teen read!

Lisa Brown, Site Coordinator, Milwood Magnet School


I’m reading Submission by Amy Waldman. This book has been selected by KPL to be the one for the book reading this year. The discussion will take place at the Washington branch of KPL on March 12th.  I am participating. (Still haven’t finished reading the book. It has to fit in somehow somewhere in my crazy day schedule.)

Gulnar Husain, Site Coordinator,  Arcadia Elementary School


I’m reading Every Love Story Is a Ghost Story: A life of David Foster Wallace by D.T. Max. He’s a very modern voice…both dark and funny. Wallace suffered from bi-polar depression and committed suicide when he was 46. I love reading biographies.

Donna Carroll, Director of Health Initiatives


The Shack by William P. Young

Leslie Poucher Pratt, Site Coordinator, Prairie Ridge Elementary School


I am currently reading  The Postmistress by Sarah Blake. Blake traces the lives of three women in the months leading up to the United States’ involvement in World War II. One is the titular postmistress, one is a newly married doctor’s wife, and one is a radio reporter covering the Blitz under the tutelage of Edward R. Murrow.

To be honest, I am having a hard time getting in to the novel.  I know the writing is well done so I will probably continue.  Truth be told, I loved reading all the Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Twilight, and Mortal Instruments books, and many of Clancy, Crichton, and Grisham’s books.

Now you all more about my taste in literature than my closest friends and family!

Derl Oberlin, Director of Finance and Administrative Services

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