October 20, 2021
Category: Partnerships

Walking With Purpose: 3 weeks in!

It is exciting to report that we have walked 5,531 miles and counting! The amazing walking teams and champion walkers are putting on their walking shoes and really kicking it up a notch.

To date, the amazing teams have raised $13,485!

Every week, we have a fun challenge for all the participants. Last week, our challenge was geared toward fundraising. The individual with the highest number of donations was awarded the challenge winner of the week. This challenge was meant to highlight the strength in numbers which is a hallmark of Walking With Purpose.

Last week’s challenge winner was (drum roll…) Kevin!

Kevin inspired 22 individuals to give last week. WOW! Thank you, Kevin! How did he do it? It was simple, he says. “Just ask. Make it direct and personal…and send gentle reminders if needed.” Kevin was surprised that so many people responded to text messages, and he was energized and excited by the generosity of the people he asked. Kevin loves Kalamazoo and gets many of his miles walking (and eating!) his way around downtown on most days. So not only is he an amazing fundraiser, but he also supports local restaurants on his walks. If you see this guy strolling around, be sure to give him a high five! Thank you, Kevin, for being a champion for our community!

Thank you sponsors, for stepping up to make this all possible!

Until next week…keep walking…with purpose!

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