February 12, 2013

Love Is A Fifteen Letter Word

Synonymous with love, a Site Coordinator is, in the words of one CIS board member, the “secret sauce” in what we do. These passionate men and women show up day after day for our kids. Warriors for change, Site Coordinators see the challenges our kids face and offer up new possibilities. Much of their work is behind the scenes, performing the often thankless but essential nitty-gritty tasks that allow students to take advantage of community resources. Site Coordinators are the grease that keeps the CIS model of integrated student services moving forward by obtaining the right signatures on the right forms, juggling multiple schedules, coordinating care for students, and inputting data into the computer to track progress.

Site Coordinators are…

Bridge builders….connecting children to the right resources and caring adults, to assure they are on the right road to succeed in school and life.

Enfolders….helping us lovingly wrap our collective arms around our children.

Mirrors….reflecting all things possible.

Influencers…inviting caring adults to inspire kids to change and become the people they are meant to be.

Navigators…mapping courses to success, these route-seekers, direction-finders guide the community’s work within the schools, clearing a path for kids to reach their promise.

Excavators…moving mountains working alongside volunteers, school and community partners by removing rocks—one at a time—that stand in the way of building the most important foundation for a healthy community…our children.

Gulnar Husain, Stacy Salters, Stephanie Walther, Missy Best, Bonnie Terrentine, Abigail Nappier, Derek Miller, Jody Sikkema, Leslie Poucher, Martha Serio, Larry D. Manley, Jr., Rachel Boomsma, Kevin Lavender, Jr., Donyll Lewis, Emily Demorest, Lisa Brown, Deb Yarbrough, and Jenee McDaniel, we want you to know we love you. Thank you for all you do for our kids.

Site Coordinators. You’ve got to love ‘em. And we do.

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