November 24, 2015
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Welcome to our new home

Ask Me About My 12,000 Kids has a beautiful new home. Come on in! You’ll notice that our blog is now snuggled within our brand spanking new website. We think that’s pretty cool. And our new website more closely aligns with who we are and who we strive to be every day.  After you finish reading today’s post, feel free to grab a cup of coffee and a donut—preferably powdered sugar—and explore our site. We don’t mind if you drop a few crumbs, after all, it’s been designed with you in mind. (You’ll notice we got rid of the lumpy couch and that lamp many of you complained about.)

We want to be easy to navigate. Life is hard enough. Figuring out what hoops to jump through can be frustrating for the kids and families we serve.  Throughout twenty Kalamazoo Public School buildings, our Communities In Schools of Kalamazoo Site Teams are working hard to overcome the barriers that derail kids, giving them hope and the belief they can succeed in school, graduate and be prepared for life.

We want our website to do the same. We want you to find what you’re looking for when you visit us. This new design is intuitive and will help you navigate more easily.

We strive to be clear and transparent. It’s important to share the needs of our 12,000+ kids and what our CIS staff, along with school and community partners, volunteers, and donors are doing to address those needs and ignite hope and belief in our children.

We want that same clarity when it comes to our website. And heck, as long as we’re being transparent let’s admit it. It’s nice when we can make ourselves more attractive and appealing.

Maestro is the genius behind our transformation. A software development company that builds tools for some of the most advanced companies in the world, Maestro donated their time and expertise to Communities In Schools of Kalamazoo because they believe in our mission to surround students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and succeed in life. We believe their quality design will draw more people like you into our mission. We can’t thank Maestro and its fabulous Maestronauts enough for taking us under their wing and helping us fly. President of Maestro (and CIS Board Member) Jen Randall and her team listened, they asked questions, and guided us through this entire process.

Maestro helped us clean up our on-line act and figure out what’s important to say and not say. We need others to make us better. We want to thank Jen, Zach DeYoung, John Pinkster (pictured above- left), Joe Greve (pictured above- right), Nate Norman, Bill Truesdell, and everyone else at Team Maestro. We wouldn’t be who we are without Maestro and we couldn’t do what we do without you.

So come on in, look around, and stay for a while. We’re so glad you’re here!


Before After Website




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