Who is a champion in your life?

The Champs celebration is an occasion to reflect on those who have made an impact on the lives of children. Who is a champion in your life? A former teacher or student? Family member or friend? Trusted advisor?

There are champions all around and we want to celebrate them! In addition to those nominated and selected for an award during the Champs celebration, CIS is delighted to provide the backdrop for you to honor a champion in your life by making a donation in their honor. By doing so, you will warm their heart and create a ripple effect of kindness and goodwill.

Once you fill out the form through the link, we will take it from there! If received by April 21, 2022, the person you honor will receive an invitation to watch the free virtual Champs 2022 event.

By lifting up this individual, you too, are a champion! We will recognize both you and the person you chose to honor as champions by name on screen at the event, on our website, and in a special section of our annual report. If you provide their contact information, we would be happy to share with them your message.

Thank you! Your gift will do one more important thing: it will support students in our community.

2022 Community Champions

Carl Atkins

Honored by Jen DeWaele

CIS Volunteers at Parkwood Upjohn Elementary

Honored by Angela Van Heest

I give in honor of the CIS volunteers at Parkwood Upjohn Elementary School. Their consistency, compassion and hard work inspires me.

Patricia Coles-Chalmers

Honored by Judy D'Arcangelis

Thank you, Pat, for being a mentor for me, a friend, and ALWAYS a champion for children and youth!

Valerie Denghel

Honored by John Curran

Thank you Valerie for starting First Day Shoe Fund and partnering with CIS to get new shoes to kids in Kalamazoo! Many thousands and counting…

Guadalupe & Juanita Hernández

Honored by Diana Hernández

Thank you for teaching us that: “We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for our community..." -César Chávez

Dedrenna and Isaiah Hoskins

Honored by Dalanna Robbson

2019 Champ Award Recipients

Deanna House

Honored by Westwood Book Club & Friends

We are honoring the late Deanna House because of how much she enriched our lives.

Team at James & Springgate

Honored by Lisa Anspaugh

They work so hard every day especially during the long hours of tax season. Thank you!

Kalamazoo Public Schools Students

Honored by Matthew and Stephanie Van Dyke

Tyler Kienbaum

Honored by Julia Kuntz

Tyler is fun and so great with the kids, especially wonderful with our son Rocco, at Parkwood-Upjohn and the YMCA. We have enjoyed him being a part of our son's early school years! Thank you, Tyler!

Tim and Joy Light

Honored by Namita Sharma and Rex Brueggemann

Tim and Joy Light are my champions and I thank them for all they’ve done for Communities In Schools of Kalamazoo.

Rosalie Novara

Honored by Lauren Smirniotopoulos

Thank you, Rosalie for believing in every child's abilities - every day - and helping them believe too.

Madelyn Panganis

Honored by Liam Powell

In honor of my first grade teacher, Madelyn Panganis at Woods Lake Magnet School.

Dr. Rita Raichoudhuri

Honored by David Anderson

In honor of Dr. Raichoudhuri for leading through adversity.

Dr. Rita Raichoudhuri

Honored by Eric Wimbley

What you are doing will change this community forever. I am in awe of your vision and passion.

Asusana Ramirez Flores

Honored by James Devers

Abuela, thanks for being our family’s housing shelter, food pantry and daycare center.

Jody Sikkema

Honored by Melissa Best

CIS site coordinator at Hillside Middle School.

Judge Namita Sharma

Honored by Dr. Rita Raichoudhuri

This gift is made in honor of Judge Namita Sharma for her tireless efforts to better the lives of youth and our community at large.

Abuela, thanks for being our family’s housing shelter, food pantry and daycare center.
James Devers

Executive Director, Communities In Schools of Kalamazoo

Honor your Champion with a gift today!

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