September 29, 2015
Category: Caring Adult

Dear Ms. Rosenbaum

thank-you-card1-300x274It’s time again to think back to when you were young and in school and recall that caring adult you felt especially connected to. Maybe it was in elementary school, or perhaps it was middle or high school. Who is that special person who you still carry within your hearts, even after all these years?

For CIS volunteer Melanie Perry, her caring adult is a former teacher in the Kalamazoo Public Schools.  Years later, Melanie is giving back by helping students with their reading–in the same school district she attended. Since 2013, Melanie has been volunteering at Parkwood Upjohn Elementary School. How cool is that?


Dear Ms. Rosenbaum,

You were my fourth grade teacher at Washington Elementary. I still recall the time each day when you read aloud to the class. It felt like you were reading just to me. I remember you crying as you read the sad parts, which really made the story come alive and mean so much more.

I love reading stories to my grandchildren and hope in some way I can emulate for them what you did for me.

Thank you for being an inspiration in my life.



Melanie Perry