November 13, 2012
Category: General Info

Crying Over Coco

If you know Coco, you’ll get a chuckle out of this Top 10 list that Pam Kingery wrote and read recently at Coco Cook’s retirement party. If you don’t know Coco, you’ll read the list and wish you knew her.

Lives are forever changed because of the connections Coco has made. For over six years she has recruited hundreds of talented, passionate volunteers and connected them to children within the schools. CIS volunteers, staff, board, and partners recently celebrated Coco’s work and well-deserved retirement. While we will miss her daily presence, we know that the good that she has done through CIS lives on—in our children. We can think of no better legacy to leave than one that is etched in the hearts and minds of children.


#10 – Have you ever noticed that Coco always lets you know when she is running out to grab lunch and asks if she can bring you something—even if she always suggests tuna?

#9 – Have you ever noticed that Coco always remembers everyone else’s name and something about them even if she’s only met them once?

#8 – Have you ever noticed that Coco makes a point of recalling much more about the important details of your family than you can even remember sharing?

#7 – Have you ever noticed that Coco is apologizing for only helping you for a few hours when others may be long gone?

#6 – Have you ever noticed that Coco feels worse about the slew of parking tickets you have gotten than you do—and actually buys you a parking voucher to prevent you from having to take out a second mortgage to pay your tickets?

#5 – Have you ever noticed that you are keeping track of Stanford’s sports teams when previously you didn’t even realize Stanford participated in sports?

#4 – Have you ever noticed Coco remembers your birthday and what you did last year on your birthday even if you don’t (or would rather not)?

#3 – Have you ever noticed that Coco always asks about your kids and remembers the trials or celebrations you forgot you shared?

#2 – Have you ever noticed how much Coco appreciates her spouse, particularly when you are annoyed with yours?

#1 – And finally, have you ever noticed how often Coco mentions her squeaky clean driving record when you can tell so many stories about the time when one part or another on her Honda was zapped?