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Anonymous In honor of Pam Dalitz, Gulnar Husain Award recipient

Anonymous In memory of Jari Pulford

Anonymous In memory of James A. Harrington

Anonymous In memory of Gulnar Husain

Anonymous In honor of Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Wendy Adams

Kathryn Almy

Terri Aman

Raymond and Anne Ampey

Amy L. Anderson In memory of Gulnar Husain

David Anderson and Cori Terry

Diane K. Anderson

Evan Anderson

Michelle L. Anderson

Jennifer Aniano

Erin M. Arwady

Alice Asmus

Mom and Mike In honor of the Miner Family

Jane and Keith Baas In honor of Dr. Tamiko Garrett and Jen DeWaele

Dorothy Bainbridge

Harold Ballen

Lulelena Barrera

Thomas A Barry

Alexander W. Bartik

Jon Bartik

Deb Wickman and Tim Bartik

Carol and Tom Beech

Rex and Denise Bell

Susan and Tod Bennett

The Beulle Family

Patricia Billingsley

Linda K. Bird

Priscilla Blair

John and Ann Block

Dawn M. Bonnau

Robert and Sandy Borsos

Kim Bosch

Jennifer Bott

Dana Boyle

Amy Brandt and Gary Marquardt

Ashley Bravo

Adam Brege

Tom and Janet Bremer

John Schumacher and Marilyn Breu

Annette Briggs

Kimberly Bristol

Don and Mary Brown

Janice M. Brown

Janice M. Brown In honor of Judy D’Arcangelis

Marisa and Frederick Brown

Philippa J. Brown

Ric V. and Linda Brown, Jr.

Tamara Brozovich

Ruth Ann Buntin

Christopher Burns

Dr. Elizabeth Burns and Roger Zinser

Joseph Burrel

Carmen Calvillo

David and Kathleen Campbell

Melissa Carlson

Dr. Sharon Carlson and Mr. Tom Dietz

Donna Carroll and Fred McTaggart

John and Sharon Cerovski

Donald and Harriet Chalker

Irina Chapman

Damaris Chavez

John and Lynne Chipman

Mickey and Kristen Ciokajlo

John and Jennifer Clark

John and Jennifer Clark In honor of Dr. John Engemann

Bethany Clay

Aedin and Paul Clements

Frank and Shirley Cody

Patricia Coles-Chalmers

Patricia Coles-Chalmers In honor of Judy D’Arcangelis retirement

Joan Colgren

Tonya Colvin

Don and Kathleen Cooney

Don and Kathleen Cooney In memory of Ed Gordon

Jennafer Cooperrider

John L. Cooperrider

Denise Crawford – Family Health Center

Barbara Critz

Lee and Sherry Crossley

John Curran and Sakhi Vyas In honor of Scott and Felicia Lemons

James and Carrie Curry

Cody C.

Scott and Joanna Dales

Jaci Dalke

Annalisa Dalla

Judy D’Arcangelis

Kathy Davies

Emily and Phil Decker

Kevin DeLancey

Kathryn DeLong

Stephen and Marlene Denenfeld

JP DesCamp

James and Tamisha Devers

James and Tamisha Devers In memory of Asusana Flores

Robert and Etsuko Dlouhy

David and Susan Doan & Family In honor of all our students, teachers and helpers

Mark and Diane Donovan

Martha Driscoll

Caren Dybek

Randall and Diane Eberts

Moyra Ebling

Gustavo Echavarria

Susan and Fred Einspahr

Loyal and Bonnie Eldridge

Trey and Becky Eldridge

Tom Ellison In honor of volunteers and staff

Chiquita Elmore-Barbee

Amy Engel

Hans Engelke

Nancy A. Engemann In memory of Joseph G. Engemann

Pamela C. Enslen

Marilyn and Arthur Feinberg

Steve and Connie Ferguson

David and Mary Ellen Fischer

Michele Flietstra

Wendy Flora

Ronald Foor

Joni Ford

Marguerite Forrest

Shirley and Jim Freeman

Gay Frew

Stewart Fritz In memory of Gerhard Fuerst

Lia Gaggino and Rodger Parzyck

Christina Getachew

Dorothy A. Giovannini

Sandra L. Glanton

Beverly and Geoffrey Grambau

Cindy Green

Cynda and Jim Greenman In honor of Pam Kingery

Bill and Dale Groggel In honor of Brenden Groggel

Anne Guimond

Nicholas Haas

Rochelle Habeck and Allan Hunt

Carol A. Haenicke

Curtis Hall and Susan Houseman

Michelle Halley

Caroline Ham

David Hamilton In honor of Margie Simmons

Marissa Harrington

Diana Hart

Pamela J. Hart

Jamie Hatfield

James and Mary Heaton

Sharon L. Heikka

Julie Heine

Mike and Sheryl Henderson

Diana Hernández

Ginnie and Ed Hessler

Carol Higgins

Josh and Heather Hilgart

Shirley A. Hill

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Hill Jr.

Robyn Hoing

Jack Hopkins and Andy Hopkins

Mallory J. Humphrey

The Husain Dykgraaf Family In honor of Howard Tejchma

The Husain Dykgraaf Family In Memory of Gulnar Husain, beloved mother and CIS site coordinator

Mary and Scott Husted

Matt and Carrie Hybels

Lauren Hybels

Raffaella Inchingolo

Mary and Robert Jackson

Natalie Jackson

Barbara and Jerry James

Dan Jaqua

Jacque Jennings-Carter

Kori Jock and Zac Brownell

Judy K. Jolliffe

Robert Jorth

Katherine Kassab

Holly Kehoe

Patricia Keiser

Joel Kile

Robert and Ann Kilkuskie

Denise King

Pam and Don Kingery In memory of Marilyn Blevins

Terri G Kinzy

Arthur Lee Kirk

Patricia and Richard Kirschner

Paul and Joyce Kline

Kevin Kline

Sharon and Evan Kokales In honor of Pastor Jake Lehman at Trinity Lutheran

Kevin and Cindy Kole

Shaun Moksalik and Honoré Salon

Carla Koretsky

Sarah Contos

Millie Lambert In honor of Patti Sholler-Barber and Dr. Michael Rice

Christine B. Lang

Christine B. Lang In honor of Diane Lang

Diane Lang

Susan Larner In memory of Gerhard Fuerst

Lorenzo Lavender

Melinda Lavender

David and Amy Lehr

David and Amy Lehr In honor of Mildred Lehr

Janis Leinwand In honor of Honoré Salon Staff

Don and Christine Lemons

The Lemons Family

Jeffrey Lemons

Colleen LeYanna

Jyllian and James Liggins

Patrick Lonergan

Larry and Linda Lueth

Lauren MacPherson

John and Lynn Maddock In honor of Megan Maddock

Bill and Kathleen Main

Sarah and Lucas Mansberger

Jill Doster Marcusse

Jasmine Martinez

John L. Mason In memory of Linda Ann Mason

Bill and Jeannette Maxey

William J. Mayer and Anne S. Fainsinger

Jane Mayes

Deanna Mayo

Dr. Candy McCorkle

Laura L. McCully

Theresa and Tony McDonnell

Theresa and Tony McDonnell In honor of Joy and Timothy Light

Carol and Dan McGlinn

James McIntyre and Joanna Hartenstein-McIntyre

Melissa McPherson

James and Amy Melvin

Amy and Neal Miedema

Lisa Milan

Michelle Miller-Adams

Joseph and Linda Mills

Craig and Diane Misner

Ron and Joan Molitor

David and Heather Morgan

Terry and Meri Morrow

Kevin and Christine Morse

Juliette Munda

Mary Myeno

Amy Nelson

Charles Nelson and Jim Weessies

Vicki Nelson

Rick and Julie Nemire

Tim Marlow and Kim Nemire

Tim Nendorf

Melissa Nesbitt

Randy and Debra Newsome

Haley Newsome

Kelsey Newsome

Kory G. Niltasuwan

Rosalie and Joe Novara In honor of Pam Kingery

Scott and Janet Nykaza

Mary O’Connor

Beth McIntyre

Cathy Oprea-Rockhill and Jim Rockhill

Joel J. and Florence U. Orosz In honor of Timothy Light

Mary F. Oudsema

Mary F. Oudsema In honor of Betty Dorr

Don and Ann Parfet

Edward and Maureen Pawlak

Adele Paxson In honor of Lily Dorstewitz

Marcy Peake In honor of my former and current students

Emily and Jeffrey Pearson

Anne Petersen

Doug Phillips

Carrie Pickett-Erway

Becky Pickrell

Susie Pingree

Connor Plasencia

Joan and Todd Pohl In honor of KPS colleagues doing awesome work!

Thomas and Linda Powell In honor of Kevin Keyvon Moore

Thomas and Linda Powell In honor of Malcom Jones

Dominic Pullo

Jennifer R Oestrike

Rita Raichoudhuri In honor of all loving adults who work with children

Timothy Rainier

Michael F. Rice and Laufet Morrison In honor of Millie Lambert

Jim and Sheila Ritsema

Louise and George Robeck

Alma Robles

Frank Rocco

Marie Rogers

Holly Rogers-Rios

Mark Rose

Jane Rooks Ross and Barry Ross In memory of Tom Kasdorf

Jim and Lynn Ross

Paul and Janice Runnels

Bob and Jerri Sabo

Dr. and Mrs. James Sanders

Mary Beth Sarhatt and Jonathan Start

Angela and Robert Sawyer

Janet and David Scarrow

Amanda Schmidt

Julie Scott

William and Melinda Scott

Richard and Gloria Seabold

Lisa Sendek – Jensen

Namita Sharma and Rex Brueggemann

Namita Sharma and Rex Brueggemann In honor of Executive Director, James Devers

The Sharma Family In memory of Gerhard Fuerst

Abigail Shedd

Joel and Jennalie Shepherd

Patricia J. Shiley

Patti Sholler-Barber In honor of Dr. Rita Raichoudhuri

Patti Sholler-Barber In honor of James Devers and Namita Sharma

Michael Shubeck and Nancy Monsour

Marjorie Simmons

Steven Simmons

Kellie Skiba

Josh and Caycee Sledge

James W. Smith

James W. Smith In memory of Joanne Casey Smith

Lawrence R. Smith

Kelly Snow

Charles D. Spencer In memory of Dianne L. Spencer

Sandy Standish

Sandy Standish In honor of Namita Sharma

Steven M. Stankewicz and Myra L. Willis

Mark Staples

Gary Start

Dale and Juanita Steeby

Carol Steiner

Gayle Stephenson

Sally M Stephenson

Heather Stevens

Michael and Ruth Stoddard

Kacie Stoll

Kathleen Stryker-Clark

Ron and Margaret Strzelecki

Chris and Nancy Sundberg

Gregory Tanner

Howard Tejchma and Steven Kuntzman

Martha A Terpstra

Amy and Paul Terzino In memory of Marianne White Fields

The Therkildsen Family

Ed and Doreen Thomas

Linnaea and John Thomas

Darren and Bridget Timmeney

Martha Mary Todd

Elizabeth Upjohn Mason In honor of Janice Brown

Bill and Susan Van Dis

Wendy Van Peenan and Rod Malcolm

Erik and Michele VanAllen

Cheryl Vance

Molly Vandekoppel

Elizabeth VandenHeede

Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Vander Velde

Craig VanDyke

Patrick T. Vanslambrouck In honor of Jay Bonsignor

Michelle Voss

Brooke Vuckovic In honor of Scott Nykaza

Robert and Catherine Wall Emerson

Martha Belle Warfield In memory of Charles C. Warfield

David and Mary Jo Warwick In honor of all students

Dianne E. Washington and Dr. Earl M. Washington In memory of Louisa Williams and Faith Foster

Von and Fran Washington

Von and Fran Washington In honor of Fay Woolrich

Ineke Way

Cara Weiler

Ty Weiss

Cindy Stewart and Rick Welch

Myrna Weller

Sharon Weller

Tina Wenzel

Chris Werme and Michelle VanTorre-Werme

Chris Werme and Michelle VanTorre-Werme In honor of Montrell Baker

Katie Whalen

John and Heather Widner

Gwen M. Wild

Terry and Sharon Williams

Terry and Sharon Williams In honor of Tim and Joy Light

Elaine M. Williams

Nancy Williams

Sara Williams

Rodney Wilson

Eric Wimbley

Craig Wood

Emily Goodman Wright In honor of Viridriana Carvajal

Ballard J. Yelton III and Lori Yelton

Sara Zoltowski

Doug and Pam Zwart

Jerry and Mary Zwart

This annual report recognizes those who gave financial gifts between July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021. We make every effort to recognize our donors accurately. If we have omitted you or made a mistake in listing you, we need to know! Please accept our apologies for any oversights and contact us (269) 337-1601 or email Felicia Lemons at flemons@ciskalamazoo.org with the corrected information for future publications.