August 30, 2012
Category: General Info

About This Blog

This blog is a journey. Here we will share insights, challenges and successes of one communities’ response to confronting the drop out crisis. Ultimately, this blog shines the light on our children, who, despite sometimes overwhelming obstacles, with the support of caring adults, are succeeding and able to take advantage of The Kalamazoo Promise®.

We at CIS think we have the best jobs in the world. As one of 181 affiliates throughout the United States, we have the privilege of being housed within eighteen KPS school buildings and seeing children succeeding every day due to the efforts these empowered kids and this community put forth. This blog is an attempt to bring you along with us.

As we say in our “About Us” page, “We want to introduce you to your 12,000 children and the hundreds of caring adults who are helping to raise them.”

So, dear reader, take hold of our hand. Together, we will walk into the lives of our children, peek into their classrooms, slip into their after school programming, stand by their side as they are tutored, have teeth cleaned, are fitted with glasses, provided with a food pack, or struggle to come to grips with a parent’s untimely death.

Along the way we will meet the talented teachers, hard working principals, and dedicated community volunteers and partners who are empowering our children to succeed. We will stop along the roadside of this winding path and celebrate our collective successes.