Meet Hailiey: All the Write Moves

Hailiey Houser, a fifth grader at Spring Valley Center for Exploration is thriving academically. “I started this school year at a third grade reading level. It’s hard to believe, but I’m now reading at the 5th and 6th grade level!” A thoughtful young lady, Hailiey attributes her growing success to a powerful team of caring adults—her parents, KPS school teachers, and CIS Site Coordinator Martha Serio who has connected her over the past three years to a cadre of caring adults who help her stay in school and succeed. “Miss Martha has gotten me involved in just the right things,” she says, “like College Club, Girls on the Run, and the Writer’s Workshop.”

Martha credits Hailiey’s attitude and effort with her achievement. “She has worked hard and taken advantage of all the supports I’ve connected her to, making strides, not only academically but socially as well. As her confidence grows, so too does her desire to continue to focus on academics. Social and behavioral skills are closely interconnected with academics and Hailiey is thriving!”

“The school and the community are not working in isolation from each other,” says Martha. “The Spring Valley teachers are doing great work and Hailiey is thriving in KPS’s Read 180, a reading intervention program.” As Site Coordinator, Martha makes a point to have conversations with the Principal, teachers, and the KPS support staff, to align and integrate services to compliment and reinforce what Hailiey is learning within the classroom. “Along with literacy skills, it’s important for her to build social skills in small settings—like the Writer’s Workshop, says Martha. “She sees her successes and can then build upon them in other, often larger, settings.”

Hailiey is keenly aware that she must work hard now to prepare herself not just for Linden Grove Middle School come fall, but for college. In her words, “Going to college is important!”

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