Turn your support for students into a special moment for someone in your life!


Turn your support for students into a special moment for someone in your life!


Turn your support for students into a special moment for someone in your life!

Who is a champion in your life?

We all know someone who has touched our lives, gone above and beyond to lift others up, and makes our community stronger. We recognize some of these outstanding people each year at our annual Champs Celebration. Being recognized as a CIS Champ is inspiring for the honoree, the person who nominated them, and all who learn about these special members in our community.

We think there should be more of these uplifting moments.

Our Honor A Champion lets you turn your CIS support into a special moment for someone else.

Honor A Champion 2023


Honored by Ria Rivera

In honor of Adrian, who motivates and inspires me to do better.

Emily Ayers

Honored by anonymous

Thank you for being someone the kids can go to for kindness and compassion!

Linda Brown

Honored by Dr. Candy McCorkle

My sister has overcome many challenges in her life but still is able to love unconditionally and encourage those who have been forgotten.

Artrella Cohn and Patricia Carlin

Honored by Patti Sholler-Barber

True leaders in caring, concern, and inclusivity four all children.

Patricia Carlin

Honored by Edward and Doreen Thomas

Champs Celebration 2023!

Honored by J. Kyon

Thank you for the great event.

CIS Administration and Staff

Honored by Scott and Janet Nykaza

CIS Staff

Honored by Jessy Wilson

Kathy Cooney

Honored by Don Cooney

Kathy provides incredible service to troubled young people and their families.

Sam Darby

Honored by anonymous

Thank you for being such a big heart in your students and families lives, you were meant for this work!

Angelina Degasperis

Honored by anonymous

Thank you for being an advocate and working with students best interest in mind!

Alexis Duhon

Honored by Sara Williams

She does everything with a smile, is willing to help others when in need and cares deeply for all individuals regardless of their situation!

Diane Eberts

Honored by Linnaea Thomas

Your endless creativity and passion for students and the arts are unparalleled. You have and continue to inspire me - and so many others - to pursue big dreams and use the arts to reach them!

El Sol Elementary

Honored by Caroline Rodriguez

Accolades go out to El Sol because they empower children with a pro-active environment. They remove any academic barriers or challenges that the students might encounter. The social emotional support from the El Sol Communities In School staff is inspirational and motivational for the students. El Sol is active in diversity and inclusion.

Dr. Hector P. Garcia

Honored by Diana Hernandez

Founder American G.I. Forum - "Education is our Freedom and Freedom should Be Everybody's Business."

Phil Hegwood

Honored by anonymous

Thank you for giving up so much of your days for students to have a space to grow and connect!

Naz Heredia-Waltemyer

Honored by anonymous

Thank you for going above and beyond for your students!

John, Nicky, Sara (VIP+ Team)

Honored by Artrella Cohn

Although the work that you do is often unseen, I am constantly inspired and honored to serve alongside you to ensure that our Sites and ultimately our students have the resources that they need to thrive.

All KPS Teachers

Honored by Colleen Loc

To all KPS Teacher – You are and always have been ESSENTIAL to the success of the youth in our community. Thank you for your commitment and your continued hard work!

Steve Kreider

Honored by Denise Hartsough

Steve is a dedicated, skilled, and caring mentor in the Rotary Club's STRIVE program.

Virginia Kujawa

Honored by Felicia Lemons

Thank you, Virginia for always being my champion – listening without judgement and bringing sunshine during hard days.

Elizabeth Lenning

Honored by anonymous

Thank you for being a safe space for kids!

Dr. Timothy Light, past CIS Board Chair

Honored by Carolyn Williams

In recognition of Dr. Timothy Light, the past Boar Chair of Communities In Schools of Kalamazoo during a challenging period of leadership transition.

Cameron Massimino

Honored by anonymous

Thank you for all you do for the Edison Community!

Fran Morrow

Honored by Terry and Meri Morrow

My mother, Fran Morrow, demonstrated to me the value in helping others reach their potential.

Jillian Palmer

Honored by anonymous

Thank you for your passion and fire, it inspires your students!

Whitni Roden

Honored by anonymous

Thanks for always staying positive, your sunshine shines bright on the kids you serve!

Marie Rodriguez

Honored by anonymous

Thank you for being someone your parents and students can lean on for support!

Wilson Rodgers, Jr.

Honored by James Devers

Thanks for being a big brother to me and for being a positive influence on my life. I cherish the memories of the good times we shared.

Jody Sikkema

Honored by anonymous

Thank you for going above and beyond for your students!

Doreen Thomas

Honored by Linnaea Thomas

Your unwavering dedication to public education, students and teachers always have and continue to inspire me.

Amy Triemstra

Honored by anonymous

Thank you for being such an integral part of Spring Valley, your hard work makes a difference in student’s lives!

Trinity Prep Center

Honored by Kandace Lavender

Angela Van Heest

Honored by anonymous

She has always been helpful to me, no matter what the situation.

Precious Walker

Honored by anonymous

Precious runs the largest and highly successful after school program in KPS.

Nathaniel and Barbara Washington

Honored by L. Marshall Washington

Nate and Barbara are committed parents who provides for our needs and set high expectations while also giving the support required through the years.

Ms. Wilson-Bridges

Honored by Liam Powell

Woods Lake Elementary School, 2nd Grade Teacher

Winchell Elementary School

Honored by anonymous

Demetrias Wolverton

Honored by anonymous

Demetrias has dedicated their time in service of Kalamazoo by leading high impact projects that positively impact BIPOC residents.

Carianne Zomonski

Honored by anonymous

Thank you for being selfless and dedicated to all those little kiddos who will always remember you as a caring teacher.

Shine a light on someone special!

Think about someone who is a champion to you, and let us know by completing your donation form below. We will notify your honoree that they were the inspiration behind your gift with a touching message that includes a personal note from you. We will also recognize you both in a special section of our online donor list. If received prior to the Champs event, you and your honoree will be invited to learn about and help celebrate the Champs being recognized this year by CIS.