July 8, 2021

A Taste of Thanks

Let’s raise a glass to a group of CIS friends and supporters who planned, hosted, and volunteered time to support and fundraise for students!

As our name suggests, Communities In Schools of Kalamazoo is all about community. Our work includes empowering students in our community, connecting them to existing community resources, and uplifting our community. Last month, we were delighted to “pair” our work with some inspiring businesses … in our community.

Keeping with the theme, tasting parties occurred all around the community. Individuals representing the CIS Board, KPS, CIS emerging leaders and CIS staff all hosted gatherings at their homes.

As part of the event, three local businesses took the time to Zoom with party hosts and their guests, sharing a bit about their business as guests enjoyed sampling a few of their beverages. Here’s a taste of what we learned:

Nicole Roché is the owner and wine maker of the Roché Collection. After visiting wineries throughout the region, her interest in the wine industry began to grow and the journey to becoming a wine maker began. Realizing that the industry is traditional in ways of gender and custom, Nicole saw this as an opportunity to create new traditions and build upon the footprints of the women before her.

Meredith Ganton is co-owner of Fresh Coast Kombucha. Fresh Coast Kombucha believes kombucha has healing properties that may improve an array of health issues. They carefully craft an effervescent, probiotic tea infused with cold-pressed juices. Their mission is to create a delicious beverage brimming with probiotics and organic acids that promote a healthy GI tract, crucial for immune support, energy, mood, and much more.

Quinlan Lewis is a student at Western Michigan University and represented Bronconess wine. As part of the Leadership and Business Strategy course at WMU, students obtain hands-on experience of learning business by doing business. In partnership with a winery in Chile, Bronconess was formed.

Nicole, Meredith, and Quinlan, thank you for your delightful presentations.  Your presence made for a successful and informative evening.

And a hearty thank you to each event host for inviting guests to your party and encouraging them to support CIS by making a donation.

Cheers to summer … the tasting event raised over $4,250! The funds raised support our work in 20 Kalamazoo schools, where we embed site coordinators who connect students to community resources that help them overcome the barriers that stand between them and a brighter future. Student success lasts a lifetime, and pairs well with everything.

Let’s raise our glass to that! Are you interested in hosting an event to support CIS of Kalamazoo? We would love to work with you! Tools and resources are available to make your fundraising event simple and fun. Please reach out to us by clicking here.

Photo taken during the virtual tasting fundraiser of one of the hosted gatherings. Thank you, CIS team member Kim Nemire for being one of the party hosts.

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